Welcome to Path 2 of the Her Sorority Journey Course!

The Rest Stop: Reflect & Reset on Your Sorority Journey

For Collegiate Members

On any journey, you have to pace yourself and take breaks along the way.

It can be so easy to RUSH through our frustrations & accomplishments as sorority women to get to the next thing.

We're here to help you pause long enough to realize how you got here, what you want, and what's motivating you to stay present and engaged. Reflecting on your membership will reignite your enthusiasm for your chapter.

Reframing Your Perspective

Holding off on addressing or working through your frustrations will not make your sorority experience better! As much as I wish ignoring our grievances would make them disappear, they won't go away until you give them space to resolve. Let's walk through the built up frustration with your sorority to enter recruitment refreshed in your purpose & connected to your chapter.

Embracing Our Differences to Create Safe, Inclusive Chapters

Did you know that DEI efforts aren't just for national organizations, campus leaders, or your chapter officers to manage? There is a role for each and every member to play in cultivating safe, inclusive chapters and we will give you a place to start here!

Recruitment Ready

We have tips for both recruiters and recruitment counselors to prioritize the PNMs experience in our new post-pandemic format!

Ready to Get Started?

Meet Your Guide!

Hey sister! I'm Cassie Little, the founder of Her Sorority Journey and a sorority advocate & community enthusiast.

For the past seven years, I have been working with sorority chapters & communities to create meaningful communities where women can be their authentic selves & thrive! You deserve to have a place where you know you belong and I hope that this course allows you to see how you can play an active role in cultivating that for yourself & your sisters. Can't wait to reflect & reset on your sorority journey with you!

About Her Sorority Journey

Her Sorority Journey is a virtual community & resource platform designed to meet the unique needs of sorority women! Cassie and her team create engaging and relevant programming as they are familiar with navigating the pressures of recruitment, leadership, balancing academics + membership participation, and managing a medium-sized non-profit. Through online courses, keynote presentations, the podcast, and the blog, Her Sorority Journey advocates for the power of the sorority experience to develop strong leadership skills and cultivate meaningful community for women to thrive in college.